Our Challenge & How To Meet It

  • Your Unique Personality's Private Story

    We automatically create our life experiences into a story, replete with desire for love, acceptance & success. That story becomes the basis for all our decisions & our powerful sense of who we are & what we can do.

  • Your Desire To Be Aware, Present, & Mindful

    When the diamond of desires (to be aware, mindful, & present) enters your life, the personality has a few objections. It's not too happy with the entrance of this potential new boss in town & conflict arises.

  • Bridging The Gap Between The Two With NLP

    Thereis always a gap between the higher and the lower. And when higher desires wish to take over the reins from the lower, resistance emerges. NLP offers solutions to this inevitable conflict.

Wonder If Transformation Is Really Possible?

The Personality Is Strong. It Is Certain That How It's Reacting & Behaving In The World Is The Best Possible Way To Keep You Safe. That's Not An Easy Attitude To Change.

  • Can deep childhood beliefs & experiences really be overcome?

  • Can you really take charge & make your emotions work for you instead of against you?

  • Does discouragement challenge your faith in transformation because what you thought you healed keeps returning ?

  • Does your old cosmology keep disrupting your desire to embrace your new understanding of the universe, and your own purpose & meaning?

  • Are you under the influence of what I call from 'transformation fatigue'? Too many attempts to transform yourself without enough success??

Learn How To Quiet The Battle Between Your Personality's Story & Your Soul's Truth

The Enneagram Brings 9 Holy Ideas Into The Scene; One For Each Personality Type. NLP Brings The Tools To Help You Lay Down New Neural Pathways To Make These Holy Ideas More Real & Reachable For You To Access & Explore

  • Discover how to cajole those inner enemies of transformation into friends & allies

  • Explore the freedom offered by the Enneagram 9 Holy Ideas

  • Imbibe in the guidance graciously given by those who traveled this path long before today

  • Relax into the personality's story as you realize it is a PART of you, but NOT you
  • Unravel the confusing enigma of being both human and divine

What You Will Receive In This Course

Information remains just information until it sets up housekeeping in your muscles. NLP can help you integrate the wisdom and guidance from the Enneagram into your body/mind via the creation of new neural pathways.

During this 6 week course, you will gain access to:

  • 6 LIVE Masterclass Meetings on Zoom with Ragini - once a week for 90 minutes each, covering the week's Module plus Q&A

  • 6 Modules - one delivered each week filled with multiple teaching videos from 1 to 5 minutes in length
    • Module One:
      Creating A Working Partnership Between The Enneagram & NLP 
    • Module Two:
      Introduction To Your Personality's Story Through The Lens Of The Enneagram
    • Module Three: Introduction To Your Soul's Truth Through The Lens Of The Enneagram
    • Module Four:
      Seeing Through Your Personality's Story Using The Enneagram Holy Ideas
    • Module Five:
      Our 3 Core Questions & How The Enneagram Answers Them
    • Module Six:
      Releasing The Personality's Emotional Attachments

  • Guide For Assessing The Motivation That Drives Each Enneagram Personality Type

  • A Map Of The Enneagram Holy Ideas, What They Are, & How They Impact Our Core Existential Concerns

  • Tools To  Release The Heightened Emotional Charge On The Personality's Story

  • An Enneagram Personality Type Inventory To Generate A Self-Assessment

  • Downloadable PDF's to create your own manual for quick & easy future reference

  • Recordings Of All Masterclass Meetings Available Same Day 

  • Downloadable Audio Recordings In mp3 Format'

  • Lifetime Access To The Course Materials


  • Email Access To Ragini - one email a day Monday through Thursday throughout the 6 weeks.

  • Excellent 36 Page E-book: The Value Of Gratitude & Reflection In A Busy & Slightly Crazy World


  • A Private One-On-One 90 Minute Session With Ragini To Help You Clarify How To Best Utilize What You're Learning For Yourself

YES! I Want To Learn How To Deepen & Accelerate My Transformation.

Learn How NLP & The Enneagram Can Support Your Evolving Transformation In Awareness, Mindfulness, & Presence

Your Guide

Well, that’s me - Ragini Elizabeth Michaels

I studied the Enneagram with Dr. Andrew Hahn (founder of Life Centered Therapy), and Dr. Judith Swack (Founder of Healing From The Body Level Up - HBLU)I was also highly influenced by A.H. Almaas and the Diamond Work. 

I studied with the co-founders of NLP (Bandler & Grinder) as well as Robert Dilts. I have taught Certification training around the globe in both NLP and Erickson-Style Hypnosis, receiving international acclaim as a master trainer and practitioner of both.

For many years, I ran a private vocational school for NLP and Ericksonian-Style Hypnosis. I worked throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as teaching globally throughout Europe & in India.

From 2000 to 2010, I began exploring the possible partnership between these two powerful bodies of knowledge & skill. With the help of many adventurous students, the work you will learn here was created, & tested for its value and efficacy. 

NLP & The Enneagram were proven to be helpful, powerful, and invaluable partners.

The Enneagram offers guidance for how to understand the structure of our personality and how it can evolve.  

NLP offers tools to support the evolution of the personality by creating easier access to the power, love, &  wisdom that begins to emerge with the desire for mindfulness, awareness, and presence.

Your Investment

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And there is truly not that much space available. I like to keep my courses small enough to give each of you the personal attention you deserve. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Allow NLP To Help You Bridge The Gap Between The Personality's Story & Your Desire To Live A More Present, Truthful, & Mindful Life

Dive Into The Outer Accompanied By The Inner