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Tired Of Being Thrown Back & Forth Between Conflicting Needs & Demands? Not Knowing What Decision To Make? What's Right Or Wrong? Wondering How To Stay Calm & Happy While Living In A Deeply Polarized World ? Frustrated & Sad When Your Mindfulness Evaporates In The Presence Of Emotional Turmoil?

Approaching daily life from the perspective of Mystic Psychology offers you a stunning angle of vision that makes everyday decision-making a whole lot easier to navigate. So much time is consumed with making decisions - Should I say yes or no? Should I be go to dinner with my partner or stay home alone and rest? Is this the right way to behave or the wrong way? Am I still on the right path or have I strayed? Or the current big question politically. Whose side am I on? Right or Left? Should I be taking a side or not? Decisions get complicated when they call for you to honor opposing needs and demands. The enormous anxiety & frustration that arises isn't necessary. There's a better way to figure out the best answer for you. This course shows you exactly how to do it.

This Training Will Help You Answer The Following Three Questions You're Sure To Ask Sooner Or Later

Why Should I Stop Chasing After Happiness & Balance?

Want To Know What Mystic Psychology Says Is The Key To Navigating Life's Constant Demand For Mindful Decision Making?

You won't find lasting happiness or balance in life by racing after it. But you already know this, because the feeling that you finally have it inevitably passes away, doesn't it? Then you find yourself starting up the chase to find it again - in the next love affair, the next shopping binge, the next diet, job, hobby, or time management tip. It's not a workable strategy for a peaceful, happy, and balanced life. The mystics tell us happiness and balance come from embracing certain facts - and those facts are what this course is all about.

What Does Being 'Unflappable' Really Mean In Practical Terms?

Mystic Psychology Offers You The Key To Creating A Happier, More Balanced & Conscious Life. - The Benefits Of Becoming Unflappable

Being Unflappable means you stop feeling there's someplace else you'd rather be. You can stop striving so hard for something better; stop comparing yourself to people you believe are better than you; stop the internal tug of war between your desires and responsibilities; stop stressing about how to live a meaningful life on a busy schedule. Instead, you will enjoy the delights of presence, mindfulness, and gratitude for your life, just as it is. You will use your practical wisdom to manage that ever receding horizon of work/life balance.

Can I Truly Re-Code My Brain To Evoke Balance When I'm Distressed Or Challenged?

Modern Science Verifies The Hypothesis That You Can Re-Wire Your Neurology For A Better Life

Yes! You can! In order for a new behavior to become yours, it must have a neurological coding in your brain (a program or better yet, an app). Utilizing the power of NLP, you learn how to do this. You can create this new coding (or re-programming) by following specific and proven steps based on mystic psychology & combined with the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These steps grant you the ability to stay calm, present, and centered in the face of all those opposing needs, demands & decisions you have to make on a daily basis. The tasks and decisions are not going to go away. But YOU can change the way you approach and manage them with just a bit of this mystic wisdom in your pocket (and your brain).

The Secret Is Revealed In Mystic Psychology

6 Steps To Staying Serene, Self-Possessed, & Cool As A Cucumber

  • Learn To Create True Balance

    Everybody knows that nothing stays the same. And everybody knows life is full of predicaments and conundrums. But almost no one knows how to find peace with these facts of life - except the mystics. You can learn from their wisdom right here.

  • Grasp The Key To Letting Go

    Everyone knows it's important to know how to let go. But very few are able to do it. Why? They don't yet have the key to making it happen. They don't yet know how to move from reacting to the disturbing circumstance to finding & reflecting on its gift.

  • Allow Wisdom To Guide You

    Wisdom is a smart way to use what you know in a practical fashion. When it's pouring rain, you reach for your raincoat or umbrella before you go out because you know without them, you'll get soaked. Let the wisdom of your discontent become your guide.

Curious? Want To Invite This Little Bit Of Mystic Psychology Into Your Life?

Mystic Psychology gives you a new option for how to address life's time-consuming predicaments differently.  AND ... offers evidence that it is possible to rewire the brain to grant you access to the option of responding rather than reacting.

Today, in this rather revolutionary on-line course, A Bit Of Mystic Wisdom: De-Coded has distilled the essence of these results into a precise & proven 6-step process that you will want to use for the rest of your life.

By integrating ancient wisdom & the precision of modern neuro-science, you will discover exactly how to:

  • influence the direction of your unconscious mind toward the choice of wisdom
  • harness the power of your brain's 'neuroplasticity' to support this choice

You can transform this bit of mystic wisdom into your wisdom - and very practical wisdom it is! 

This practical wisdom represents:

The Puzzle of Happiness:  Solved!


20852230_sHappiness emerges when you satisfy 2 powerful but conflicting inner drives. 

They are: the drive to change things vs. the drive to keep things as they are.

Learn how to satisfy BOTH of these conflicting needs & you'll find yourself free of the anxiety & frustration of too little time & no balance.

You are like the surfer balanced on his surfboard, or the young woman whose encounter with a genuine mystic changed her life.

  • Imagine being more mindful, loving, & aware. Wouldn't it be great to be calm, present, & centered in the face of whatever life brings you?
  • Imagine being at peace with the world as it is. Wouldn't it be great to feel this way & still keep working to make it better?
  • Imagine your heart staying open, radiating love & compassion to everyone.  Wouldn't that be an amazing experience even if you found their opinion totally wrong

Wouldn't you like to master these skills and enjoy the life changing benefits that come with them?

Profoundly Stimulates Your Capacity For Happiness, Balance, And Inner Peace


Listen to these comments from several students in various walks of life. 

See how A Bit Of Mystic Wisdom: De-Coded changed their lives for the better.

What You'll Receive In This Training

This Bit Of Mystic Wisdom Will Be Delivered To You In Bite-Size Chunks - Proven To Be The Best Way To Learn

  • A Video Textbook - 8 Modules, one delivered each week, offer a gorgeous, full color video experience. A total of 50+ professional videos 6 to 18 minutes each. You'll want to plan about an hour each week to complete the videos in each Module

  • Action Guides - Each Module comes with brief, easy exercises that you'll use to make the concepts your own. Some will engage the verbal/analytic part of your brain. Others will stimulate the creative side so that you can get a feel for the shape, color & texture of these experiences. The Action Guides are things for YOU TO DO to make sure you understand each step. You'll want to plan 30 to 60 minutes a week to complete these guides.

  • 8 LIVE Group Coaching Calls - Every week for 8 weeks you'll have a 90 minute call where you can ask your questions and receive Ragini's guidance and wisdom. At this time, enrollment is limited to 15 students. So you'll have lots of room to ask and receive satisfying answers to your questions.

  • Mystic Quotes & Guidelines - You'll receive a treasure trove of wonderful quotes and guidelines often spoken by the mystics through vibrant images, heartfelt poetry, and obvious grace. Included are the 8 mystical guidelines at the foundation of the mystic psychology you'll be exploring. These are delivered to you in beautiful PDF formats so you can make your own little book of inspirational reminders.

  • Downloadable Slides & Audio - You are free to download the audio from every video. Listen at your leisure away from your computer screen. And sometimes you want easy access to the slide presentations. They are available if you want them.

  • BONUS: Private Check-Ins With Ragini - That's right! You'll be eligible for 8 Thirty Minute Sessions OF PERSONAL MENTORING & GUIDANCE from the creator of this course during the 8 week training via Zoom. Let Ragini take you by the hand and guide you in uncovering this untapped potential already within you. Take advantage of her 4 decades of experience and expertise while it is still available.

  • BONUS: Access To Ragini's Private Email - Each week you have the opportunity to connect with Ragini via her private email. You can submit one question Monday through Thursday throughout the entire 8 week training. Ragini promises to do her best to respond within 24 to 36 hours. An amazing opportunity to ask your questions when they arise, rather than having to wait for the LIVE Group call or for whenever your personal check-in with Ragini is scheduled.

  • BONUS: Lifetime Access To The Program - This course is now 'evergreen' which means that you can repeat it as often as you like! Whether you want to tune up your skills, or deepen your insights even further, you can continue to participate as often as you like. And, at no additional cost to you, go through the course over and over again as it's updated, changed, or improved.

  • Incredible One Year Guarantee! - Watch the Modules weekly and give yourself time to absorb them. Read and use the Action Guides. Do the simple exercises. And take advantage of the amazing opportunity to personally connect with Ragini by using all of your mentoring opportunity. Then when you’ve completed the 8 week training, take another 10 months to watch this new ‘knack’ find its way into your everyday life. We guarantee that if you are in good mental and emotional health, complete the training, and use the 6-Step Process in your daily life, you’ll learn to greet both the unpleasant and pleasant sides of experiences of life with a new acceptance, friendship, and receptivity. We also guarantee that this program is not a silver bullet and does require your effort and focus. If you do this, we guarantee your experience will both delight and surprise you. If you aren’t satisfied, call or write for a no-hassle refund. It’s as simple as that. And now ... just a little more for you!

Testimonials From Past Students

Proof How Facticity® Has Worked For Others

“Facticity is the fast track to an enlightened mind. ”

Founder of HBLU (Healing From The Body Level Up)

Dr. Judith Swack, Needham, MA

“Breathes life into the concept of self-acceptance at every level. Allows a blossoming of relaxation with the way things actually are – moment to moment. Truly an eye-opening experience.”


Maybel King, MA, CQSW, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Clear, precise and inspiring! Very practical wisdom that can be applied to the here and now of my daily life and professional life!”

Psychotherapy, Body Talk & Energetic Healing

Suryo Linda Gardner MA, Seattle, WA

“Understanding Facticity was a great relief. Knowing that both the good and the bad have to exist and having tools to manage that fact, altered how I interact with others and myself. It made a quantum shift in my life. A true gift! ”

Marketing Director

Deirdre Devlin, Seattle, WA

“Facticity is as rich and deep as any framework I know. Ragini is both a dynamic and very grounded teacher and facilitator and able to convey theory and practice with simple grace. I recommend her and Facticity unconditionally.”

Founder of Guided Self-Healing

Dr. Andrew Hahn, Boston, Lexington, MA

“Facticity is marvelous and so is Ragini. I learned how to reconnect my spiritual self to my messy, dramatic, confusing human problems—and surprisingly, I found those problems weren’t as stuck as I thought. My life reoriented from a struggle to a new felt sense of unity—even with all my irritating quirks. I received more than I could have imagined, and gained a home in a more workable and friendly universe! ”

Author & Coach -

Sondra Kornblatt, Seattle, WA

“I first encountered Facticity in 1991. The shifts and learnings of that time have seeped into every corner of my life…A deep understanding of the nature of reality took root, and has helped me balance my personal and professional journey ever since, grounding it in trust and the acceptance of what is. Thank you, Ragini.”

Therapist, Mentor, & NLP Master Practictioner

Nirved Wilson, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Ragini’s training turned out to be enormously useful, both personally and professionally. I definitely lived an ‘either/or’ life before experiencing the freedom of Paradox Management (Facticity). I now live a ‘both/and’ life, and it is so much easier and richer! Thank you, Ragini, for all you share! ”

Consultant, Retired Professor

Professor Roshani Shay

“The Mystic’s Wisdom - Decoded Training with Ragini Elizabeth Michaels is for you if you ever find yourself stuck—whether it’s your job, your spouse, your health or your money. This is the only training you will need to stay happy, centered and peaceful no matter what is going on around you, and paradoxically, find yourself with more of what you really want. I highly recommend it.”

The Media Polisher

Joanne McCall, Oregon

FIRST SPECIAL BONUS: 7 Steps To Accessing Your Personal Spiritual Guidance

Downloadable PDF: Support For When You Feel Lost & Alone

  • Access Your Personal Spiritual Guidance

    A powerful tool you can use to bring your clarity, wisdom, and action back into the picture when facing any challenging situation - external or internal.

  • Save Time With These Seven Simple Steps

    Use this process any time you feel stuck or limited while working through the course material. Go ahead and blow your obstacles out of the water!

  • Precise & Proven Way To Come Back To Yourself

    Through her years as a hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, coach, & counselor, Ragini developed this original NLP process to help you shift confusion into clarity

SECOND SPECIAL BONUS: Beginnings & Endings: relaxing with change

Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3: Soothing Guidance For An Anxious Unconscious Mind

  • Beautiful Guidance

    Ragini's soothing and lovely voice, guides you through that transition from tough endings to the sweet glimmer of a new beginning. She reminds you how easily you already do this many times a day. And reminds you how easy it can be when you know how to 'go with the flow'

  • Original Music

    This original music by Divyam Amboda has been described as 'floating on a cosmic sea of calm, beautiful depth'. Composed, performed & recorded by this amazing man of many talent. A graduate of Berkeley School of Music, his compositions evoke the deeper wisdom that music has the power of awaken.

  • Enlightening

    This exquisite combination of words & music allow the deeper wisdom within you to stir & often rise right into your conscious awareness. Evoking your unconscious mind's ability to 'let go' shines a light of ease & comfort when facing the transitionfrom the pain of endings to acceptance of new beginnings.

THIRD SPECIAL BONUS: Balancing In Motion

Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3: Discover Balance Is Not A Place To Get To But A Process To Be Enjoyed

  • Embrace Balance As A Verb

    When you understand balance is not a noun, but a verb, you enjoy the emergence of a new freedom granting you increased ease & flexibility managing your time.

  • Time No Longer An Enemy

    The tick-tock of the clock becomes your guide to enjoying the moments of your life instead of living in an imagined future that will eventually become your 'now'

  • Bonus material

    Inspiring original music combined with Ragini's melodious voice & precise hypnotic language designed to soothe the unconscious mind's fear and trembling.

More Testimonials From Students

Proof How Facticity® Has Helped Others

“Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier?? Ragini’s process showed me the ‘how to’ find self-peace. A lot of people want to make the world a better place. But it doesn’t make sense to adhere a bumper sticker for world peace if you don’t know self-peace.  Self-peace changes humanity exponentially; a bumper sticker, after all, only affects the guy behind you. Thank you, Ragini, for sharing your wisdom. ”

Efficiency Expert, Telluride, CO

Lainie Conley

“I have shared Ragini’s work with my clients and students to restore balance, confidence, and clarity when equilibrium is lost. I cherish her work and appreciate that Ragini is the very embodiment of what she teaches. ”

Sunny Massad, Ph.D.

“Ragini’s process got me to ‘lighten up’; not only on the world in general, but on myself. I find more joy and acceptance, and less pain each day. I can watch my emotions swim by without being caught by them. I’m more responsive and less reactive at home and at work. My life has been enhanced in a way I can’t quantify, except to say I’m much happier, and more peaceful in my inner world. A fabulous gift! ”

High Tech Recruiter, Seattle, WA

Sonja Carson

Course Curriculum

Generating Freedom & Gaining Faith - Your 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, And Peaceful No Matter What

Introduction: Cracking The Code Of Human Happiness: 

In this Module, you are introduced to the specifics of the transforming perspective. You have undoubtedly heard of these notions previously. But what you're about to learn will make them invaluable and enable your desire to reach the goal of Conscious Leadership 24-7.

You'll learn a very specific way to relate to uncertainty, impermanence, ambiguity and the yen for balance and inner peace.  And this newfound approach frees you to leverage your mindfulness and presence to a new level of conscious awareness. And that enables you a more robust ability to be a Conscious Leader and more fully live the ideal of love in action.

  • Impermanence – The Fundamental Key To Enjoying The Journey
  • Opposites – The Wisdom The Key Unlocks
  • Becoming Aware of Opposites – How They Permeate Daily Life & Decision Making
  • Recognizing Dilemmas As The Law of Polarity In Action
  • Distinguishing The Fixable Dilemma  From The Kind That Can Never Be Resolved 
  • The Value & Importance Of Embracing Opposites 
  • The Joy of Living With Paradox (Rather Than Fighting It) 

Step One:  Mapping Your Way Out Of Being Stuck & Confused Without Effort

Receive the transforming new perspective that will free you to remain undisturbed in the presence of emotional turmoil, reconnects you to the gift of grace under fire, and opens the door to stillness in motion.

You'll explore:

  • Pinpointing The Dilemma & The Situation Where It’s A Problem
  • Choosing The Polar Opposites At The Root Of The Trouble
  • Embracing The Moving Aspect Of The Infinity Loop
  • Mapping Out Your Dilemma
  • Identifying Landmarks & Roadside Attractions

Step Two:  Going With ‘The Flow’ As It Unfolds

The transforming capacity of your new perspective will grant you the ability to see the problem more clearly so you can solve it more mindfully and effectively. 

You'll  learn how to release the power of:

  • Directionality – The 1st Defining Characteristic
  • The Paradoxical Forces That Drive The Flow – The 2nd Defining Characteristic
  • How These Drives Affect Your Decision-Making
  • The Intimate Role Of Life’s Flow With Your Dilemmas

Step Three:  Exactly What The Mystic’s Have For You

You'll understand why your dilemmas no longer need to be perceived as a problem because you'll know the secret to 'going with flow'.

  • Enlightening Mystical Perspectives That Reveal Why The Flow-Of-Life Works The Way It Does 
  • The Significance of your role within the flow of life
  • Purpose & meaning from the perspective of the larger whole

Step Four:  Comfort And Ease

When your emotional ups and downs are no longer in control of your moods and behaviors, you are one step closer to staying calm, peaceful, and centered 24-7.

  • Where To Find Your Obstacles, Blocks & Resistances
  • How to easily and quickly identify what they are
  • Understanding why they’re there

Step Five:  Three Simple Mystical Perspectives

Grants you the ability to get out of any storm you’re facing, move from an emotional reaction to reflection, & quickly get back to calm waters where you can lead from the eye of the storm

  • Three Mystical Viewpoints That Free You To Move On
  • Why It Works To Change How You Feel & Perceive
  • How It Works To Shift Your Unconscious Mind’s Perception
  • Clearing Your Interference

Step Six:  Now! Into Your Brain For Lasting Change

You will be free to find inner peace in the presence of turmoil, seek out and find tranquility, turn difficulties into greater opportunities, and turn the necessary burdens of life into blessings.

  • Installing Your New-Found Insights & Wisdom Into Your Brain    
  • Establishing Your Base Line
  • Physically Walking Infinity
  • Testing For Your Change


How To Keep Your Wisdom & Mindfulness Alive & Well From 9 to 5

In this final segment, you’ll learn additional ways to keep expanding your awareness of opposites, dilemmas, and paradox as they appear in daily life, and how to support the infusion of your new wisdom into your work life, home life, and the privacy of your mind.

About Your Instructor

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels was trained by the co-founders of NLP - Richard Bandler and John Grinder - as well as studying with Robert D, Leslie Cameron Bandler, Chris Hall, Stephen Gilligan, Michael Grinder, Jean Houston, and many others.

Ragini is a true expert in facilitating communication between the conscious and unconscious minds, and navigating her client's desires for more practical ways that make daily life more workable.


  • Certified Trainer - The Society of NLP
  • Certified Fellow Trainer -The International Association For NLP
  • Certified Life & Personal Wellness Coach & Mentor - The Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – International Hypnosis Federation
  • Graduate - The Institute For Creative Development
  • Degree In Physiological Psychology 

Member Organizations:

  • ICF  (International Coaching Federation)
  • IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches)
  • Society of NLP
  • International Association for NLP
  • International Hypnosis Federation

Signature Contributions - Mp3's,  Books, Courses:

  • Hypnosis to Heal The Heart & Soul (mp3 series)
  • Hypnosis for Conscious Awakening(mp3 series)
  • Facticity – a door to mental health & beyond
  • Lions In Wait – a road to personal courage
  • Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, & Peaceful No Matter What
  • The Jewels Of Here & Now: Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude
  • The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God 
  • On-Line Course: The Mystic's Wisdom De-Coded
  • Course: NLP Coach Certification 

 You can contact Ragini at or email her directly at

A Review: What You Receive When You Decide To Make This De-Coded Mystic Wisdom Your Own


  • A Comprehensive Video Textbook - A total of 50+ professionally created, fun, and easy to imbibe videos comprise this gorgeous, full-color video offering.

  • 8 Video Training Modules Delivered Over 8 Weeks - Guidance for embracing the powerful perspectives of mystic psychology that redirect the power of your mind and brain.

  • 8 Actions Guides - With things for YOU TO DO. To help you make sure you understand each step and identify and answer any hidden objections or concerns along the way.

  • 8 LIVE Group Coaching Calls -
    Every week for 8 weeks you'll have a 90-minute call where you can ask your questions and receive Ragini's guidance and wisdom. At this time, enrollment is limited to 15 students. So you'll have lots of room to ask and receive satisfying answers to your questions.

  • Mystic Quotes & Guidelines - Delivered to you in beautiful PDF formats. Totally cool to make into your own little book of inspirational reminders.

Our Bonuses Just For You!!

  • 8 Thirty Minute Sessions - Private and Personal Mentoring - From The Creator Of The Process – Enjoy personally connecting with Ragini throughout the duration of the course. Establish support and guidance options for the future. Sessions scheduled at your and Ragini's convenience.

  • Access To Ragini's Private Email - Submit one question Monday through Thursday each week for the full 8 weeks.

  • 7 Simple Steps To Accessing Your Personal Spiritual Guidance - Original NLP process to bring clarity, wisdom, and action into the foreground of any situation, external or internal (downloadable PDF).

  • 2 Amazing Downloadable Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3’s - Supporting the unconscious mind in this shift in perspective. Will help move you closer to the wonder of effortless effort.

  • Lifetime Access To A Bit Of Mystic Wisdom: De-Coded Training - Repeat the course as it's updated. And attend scheduled calls for any Group Course offered in the future. At no extra cost to you!

A Few More Satisfied Folks

Proof How Facticity® Has Inspired Others

“Discovering this work was a radical re-orientation for me personally. The dark areas of my life that had once seemed so bad, have simply become ‘the way it is’ and not much of a relevant statement about me and who I am.”

Owner - Positive

Kirk Vandenberg

“A really effective coaching relationship will help you to face the areas of your life which appear to be stuck in irreconcilable conflict. Now that Gregory Bateson has died, one of the greatest living experts on the reconciliation of paradoxical dilemma is Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, the author of Facticity – a door to mental health & beyond.”

Author, Founder Of Awakening Coaching

Arjuna Ardagh

“Ragini is a master at her work. She is able to seamlessly meld a wide range of techniques in ways that really help people. She connects the day-in-day-out with the deeper forces that drive us to do what we do. I would recommend her in a heart beat.”

Writer - The Vital

Gideon Rosenblatt

Now's The Time! Take A Leap And Join Me In The Quest To Move Our World Beyond Polarization

What You Learn In This Program Is The Difference That Makes The Difference. Gather These Gems From Mystic Psychology, Make Them Your Own, And Discover The Joy Of Knowing How To Return To Your Center 24-7

This Course Will Only Be Given Once In 2020.  

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