Clients Report, 'It's Like Magic!'

How Can NLP Coach Practitioners Get Such Amazing Change For Their Clients So Quickly?

  • Your Brain

    Every idea you want to manifest in behavior must be coded into your brain. It's the executive director of your journey. New neural pathways are required.

  • Your Language

    Language holds your beliefs and attitudes in place and determines the limitation or expansiveness of your experience of reality. It is key to rapid change.

  • Your Body

    Your body is your instrument of action. It demonstrates your programming via its behaviors. These are intimately related and cannot be separated.

A Satisfied Student Shares Her Journey From Corporate Exec To Entrepreneur

Anita Belitz
Certified NLP Life & Business Coach, Owner The Wise Woman's Workplace & Podcast 

I completed Ragini Michael’s online program and am impressed with being able to start a whole new career on a very solid footing in less than a year.

The program was a great option for me: I wanted to be trained by Ragini as she was trained by the original co-founders of NLP.

While the most important element of the program is Ragini - her expertise, experience, professional approach, dedication to her students, caring manner, and even her humor - the online structure of the program was very useful. 

Modules and instructional videos covered all of the foundation material. And Ragini guided us in group calls,  invaluable insights from her many years as a coach and owner of her successful coaching business. 

It was so effective that I had client referrals immediately during my certification phase! It was an outstanding program and has allowed me to bring my many years of work experience into a whole new arena.

Build The 3 C's Of Conscious Coaching

Pop The 3 C's Of Conscious Coaching Into Your Pocket & Enjoy How Your Referrals Soar

Unsure What You Need?

Knowing which details to attend toPop The 3 C's Of Conscious Coaching In Your Pocket & Enjoy How Things Change will build the 3 C's of great facilitation:

Clarity, Competence, and Confidence.

NLP supports The 
3 C's of Conscious Coaching:

1. Clarity is essential. You must know where your client wants to go, how they perceive the problem, and what they need to create the solution.

2. Competence as an NLP Coach Practitioner allows you to gather this information & implement it effectively,efficiently, gracefully & respectfully

3. Confidence is the result of clarity & competence combined. Confidence without clarity & competence will create continuous problems for you & for your client.

Whether you’re a coach, hypnotherapist, consultant, or counselor, tapping into the genius of attending to crucial details will give you these strengths. This rests in knowing which details to attend to...And that is what you learn in this training.

  • You'll be able to quickly identify the map your client is using to guide them through life's confusing labyrinth. Knowing this increases your ability to create a new path leading to their desired result.

  • Rapport is the main factor in successfully guiding your client to their goal. This means integrating integrity and respect into your language and presence. They feel seen and heard, and they trust you understand how they perceive the problem & the solution.

  • You’ll have the tools you need to help your client rapidly and smoothly connect with their unidentified resources hiding out quietly within themselves.

  • You’ll know how to check and honor personal ecology and take the time to clear blocks to your client’s success at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels.

Seasoned Enneagram Teacher Praises This Training

Robin Cameron
Spiritual Director, Certified Enneagram Teacher

NLP has expanded my map of reality in ways I could never have imagined. The class, content, and structure far exceeded my already high expectations.

My strong spiritual base is all the more grounded because of the way NLP mines sensory-based experience and how the conscious and unconscious minds can work together in concert for change in behavior.  

For anyone serious about helping other people and raising consciousness in our times, I highly recommend this training.  It will work well and expand any background you already have. Or, give you a strong foundation from which to work if you do not."

Coaching That Tricky Unconscious Mind

Know How To Coach BOTH Of Your Client’s Minds?

This course for certification as NLP Coach Practitioner teaches you the details for how to achieve quick results that can lead your clients to easily shout out fantastic referrals. You learn how to embody and leverage the precise skills that free you to communicate with your client’s conscious – AND more importantly – unconscious mind.

But MOST important will be your ability to demonstrate unerring respect for the client’s personal sense of reality – which in my book is Love In Action.

Why Knowing How To Coach Your Client’s Unconscious Mind Is A Big Deal!

If you want to fulfill your unspoken promise to get your client to their goal, you must have the unconscious mind on your side. 

1. Getting the unconscious mind’s permission to actualize the change your client desires is fundamental to achieving that success

2. This permission is essential to activating the brain’s re-coding
capacity so it can create the new behavior and make it
accessible when desired or needed. 

  • This essential ingredient to a successful coaching career is only 12 weeks of training away from granting you all the information you need.
  • Developing that knowledge into a core skill all your own is as close as 12 additional weeks of practice and personal mentoring.


Practice And Personal Feedback

To get fabulous referrals, you must transform your knowledge into actual skill. That takes practice AND good feedback. And that’s what this certification program offers & delivers.

  • Don’t let a lack of confidence keep you from moving forward and getting the practice and mentoring that turns a beginning coach into a seasoned professional
  • Don’t allow ‘not knowing what to do’ with a difficult client eat away at your sense of competence when guidance is just an email or call away
  • Don’t succumb to confusion and feeling lost when clarity is just a few practiced steps beyond where you feel stuck

10 Powerful Skills You’ll Learn 

  1. How to work with the ‘un-coachable’ client
  2. How to handle the client who is 'not ready' to commit to what needs to be done
  3. What to do when you don’t know what to do
  4. How to work with clients you don’t relate to with ease or clarity
  5. How to make certain you can deliver on your spoken promise to help your client succeed
  6. How to recognize the fine line between communicating vs. trying to convince your client of a perspective you believe or know would be useful and think is right
  7. How to create and verify you have permission from the unconscious mind to create the desired change
  8. What you need to know to speak to the unconscious mind directly AND recognize its reply
  9. How to leverage your skill to evolve ‘know, like & trust’ into stellar results that blossom into fabulous referrals
  10. What you need to manage the disappointment & despair of ‘transformation fatigue’ – your clients and your own

Yes, It Takes A Little Time & Commitment

15117909 - 3d people - man, person running out of time  a clock

It seems like a lot, I know.  And I realize you already have a busy life with too little time to do everything already on your to-do list. 

BUT … you want your certification to really mean something, don’t you?  

I doubt you’d be reading this page unless you were in search of what to learn next to be the best at what you’re doing (or want to do) professionally or personally. 

I’ll take a guess that you’re a person who wants to help make the world a better place. And I’ll assume your own transformation is also important to you, and helps fuel your desire to help others.  

So I want to assure you that during the full course of this training that runs over 24 weeks, I promise I will be there the entire time to help you get the job done to the best of your abilities. 

But in return, I‘ll ask you to attend a minimum of 85% of the LIVE presentations, even though they will be recorded as well. That means you can easily miss attending 4 of the weekly LIVE presentations, freeing you to organize your schedule accordingly. 

Because the training IS live, people do need to show up for the presentations. (Otherwise, I’ll be talking to myself which kind of defeats the purpose of offering this live and in person.)

Want That Credibility Certification Confers?

To earn the title of Certified NLP Coach Practitioner, you must do two things:

  1. Complete the full 24 week training

  2. Demonstrate the required level of competence during testing at the end of the program

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  Should you need more time to master any particular skill, you are free to re-demonstrate that skill at any time in the future to complete the process and receive your certification.

What You’ll Receive In This LIVE Training


TRAINING: 12 Weeks Of LIVE & PERSONAL On-Line Training  

  • Weekly Presentations: During each of the 12 weeks, I will present – LIVE on Zoom – the topic of the week.
  • Accompanying Demonstrations: I’ll also provide a demonstration of what you’re learning that week and how it works in real time.
  • Practice In Breakout Room: You will pair up with other students in a Breakout Room where you will have time to PRACTICE (which is the key to getting those great referrals in your future).
  • One Additional Practice SessionYou will schedule a minimum of one additional practice session each week with your accountability partner.
  • Recordings Available: The lectures and demonstrations will be available – BUT to be eligible for certification, you must attend at least 85% of the LIVE sessions.
  • PDF Downloads: You will receive PDF Downloads for each skill as well as work sheets to be completed and returned to me for feedback
  • Quizzes: To help you assess what you’ve learned from each Module
  • 6 Private Sessions: You have the option to schedule 6 private sessions with me, one every other week, over the course of the first 12 weeks. These are to help you overcome any personal blocks to your learning and to help you clarify any confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Required Time: Each week will ask a minimum of 4 and 1/2 hours online. Ninety-minute LIVE meeting once a week with Ragini, plus 60 to 90 minutes on your own to work through the new module delivered weekly.


MENTORING: 12 Additional Weeks of LIVE & PERSONAL Mentoring & Practice

  • Weekly LIVE Group Masterclass: This will be dedicated to study and questions. And I’ll be there to provide my supervision and mentoring
  • Practice In Breakout Rooms: Often, you will move into a Breakout Room to practice and get feedback
  • Accountability Partner Meetings: You will be responsible for meeting with your accountability partner to practice once a week in person or on Zoom or equivalent platform. 
  • 6 PRIVATE one-on-one mentoring sessions Every other week you have the option of scheduling a private Zoom session, just you and me. Together we’ll assess where you’re doing well, what skills need more study or support, and if there are any personal resistances or blocks slowing down your acquisition of the desired expertise. This includes one or more sessions where you’ll have the benefit of my presence while you work with a client you provide. I will then give you immediate feedback while everything is still fresh in your mind.


  • Email Coaching: You have the opportunity to supplement your LIVE mentoring through email coaching. You can email me one question a day Monday through Thursday throughout the whole Program.  I promise to do my best to respond within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Mp3 Downloads: My two Hypnosis/Meditation Series – a total of 8 mp3’s.
              Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul 
              Hypnosis For Conscious Awakening
  • Video Training: Continued Access to 3 online programs:
    -Your Mark Of Genius Is In The Details
    -How To Transform Problems Into Solutions
    -How To Streamline & Clarify Your Priorities
  • E-Book: The Coaching Homework Cookbook

Another Delighted Student

Susan Dardas
Certified NLP Life Coach

It was a wonderful & wild ride discovering the communication style of NLP – such a refreshing perspective!  

Ragini brought forth a lifetime of awareness and talent in succinctly conveying explanation, dialogue, and techniques.  It was an awesome experience to be empowered with this new knowledge as well as to then learn how to intertwine it with my own style and flair.

I had a fantastic experience being a part of Ragini’s inaugural NLP online training course and feel its value is worth every bit of my time required and the financial investment.

Training Size Is Limited To 12 Students. So Save Your Spot Now! Don't Miss Your Opportunity To Learn With One Of The World's Best Trainers & Behavior Change Specialists Dedicated To Supporting Conscious Living & Conscious Leadership.

Ready To Jump In? Enroll Today & Enjoy Our 6-Payment Plan Option. Ragini Won't Be Doing This Training Again Until Late 2023.

The Need To Re-Code Your Brain 

In the world of NLP, information and knowledge remain just that until they have set up housekeeping in your muscle memory. Setting up housekeeping means getting your knowledge coded into your neurology so it takes up residence in your behavior as skill.  

This means putting into practice what you’ve learned and getting good feedback.

Knowledge isn’t what transforms strangers into repeat clients who give great referrals.  It is results.

And skill is known to have the highest impact on performance.
In this case, your performance as a coach or leader.

The Power Of Purpose In Achieving A New Goal 

Having a sense of purpose is important to us humans. And research has shown that when a human being’s outcome is connected to their purpose, or to a sense they live within a larger wholeness, the probability of their achieving what they’re after is highly increased.

As a coach, understanding how language either limits or expands our notion of purpose and meaning increases your effectiveness and efficiency ten-fold.

7801294_sIncorporating NLP applications into your coaching practice will elicit more and more comments like, “What you do seems like magic!”

In fact, our words do magically create our reality – moment to moment. 

The kind of frame we put around our pictures of the future can be limiting or expanding.  And this is undeniably revealed in the words we choose to speak.

This is why our primary focus in this training will be language and its impact at both the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind.

IMPORTANT AGAIN!! So if you don’t like working with words and concepts and how they can make or break a personal reality, this training is definitely not for you.

Your Double Certification 

Completing this 174-hour online LIVE training (equivalent to 27 days) composed of Live Presentations, Practice, Personalized Feedback, and 12 hours of Private Mentoring, and adequately showing said skills upon request, will grant you a double certification:

  1. Society of NLP – NLP Coach Practitioner through the Founding Body of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Grants you the right to showcase the Society Of NLP Logo in all of your advertising & marketing material.

  2. Facticity® Trainings, Inc.19974738_s NLP Coach Practitioner through International Training Company Based In Seattle, Operating As A Licensed Washington State S-Corporation

These two certifications gain you entry into my NLP Membership Program. That program focuses on continuing to build your skill along with an exploration of the additional trail of techniques that created NLP’s reputation for fast change.

However, the lasting success of these techniques for change rests on your ability to use the communication and language skills you’ll learn in this training.

Your Trainer

Well, that’s me - Ragini Elizabeth Michaels. As the course progresses over these 24 weeks, you will receive an enormous amount of personal feedback from my well-seasoned training career. I will help you identify what you’ve learned well and what still needs your attention to transform your conceptual understandings into actual skills.

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve also run a thriving private practice for over 4 decades by referral only.  So I do have in-depth knowledge and experience with this viable method for creating a steady income stream -  without investing huge amounts of dollars & time into marketing & advertising.

I studied with the co-founders of NLP (Bandler & Grinder) as well as Robert Dilts & Leslie Cameron-Bandler. I am a Certified Trainer through the Society of NLP & The IANLP (International Association of NLP). I have taught Certification Training around the globe in both NLP and Ericksonian-Style Hypnosis, receiving international acclaim as a master trainer and practitioner of both.

Because this training is online and LIVE, we limit the number of students to a maximum of 12, assuring each student the promised direct access to my guidance and expertise for the full 24-week training. Some students prefer larger groups. But the greater advantage is the personal mentoring element you'll receive from the time you will spend working directly with me.

Interested In Conscious Living & Leadership?

If so, I think you'll love working together. Besides NLP, I have had an equal number of years exploring meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, reflection, and spiritual inquiry.

I've learned that shifting a behavior or philosophy is one level of change. But expanding perceptual flexibility (our way of seeing things) can be transforming.

To do this successfully, you need to hold the sharpness of knowledge, techniques, and expertise in one hand, and the softness of caring, compassion, and kindness in the other.

These are the most powerful tools of the trade - commonly called the heart and the mind. 

The heart without the sharpness of the mind lacks the strength & discrimination to penetrate life's challenges.

The mind without the softness of the heart lacks the power of meaning & purpose that comes with love & compassion.

Discover how to graciously and professionally wield the heart and mind as one whole inseparable action.

Become that amazing facilitator/leader who knows how to invite transformation to position itself well within your client's reach.

For more on my background, go to

More Testimonials From Inspired & Happy Students

Kirk Vandenbergh 
Life & Business Coach

"I began studying NLP and Hypnosis with Ragini in 1985, culminating with being awarded Trainer certificates in both fields in 1990. I found she had a wonderful mix of knowledge and intuition, and her abilities have only deepened and widened since then.

Instead of overwhelming me with tons of feedback, she had an uncanny ability to point my attention to specific key areas where I could build my skills, thus accelerating my growth personally and professionally. I’m grateful I had the opportunity, and I wholeheartedly recommend Ragini as an excellent trainer and wonderful mentor."

Chiara Guerierri

“Ragini gave me the wonderful experience of never feeling judged, criticized, or measured. I always felt seen and accepted. She created the space for me to relax and easily take in her guidance and feedback.  

A seed takes root when it senses there is space for its presence, nourishment for its growth, and perhaps most important, a cushiness that allows its roots to easily emerge. If this is your desire and you’re looking for an excellent trainer and mentor, I recommend Ragini without reservation.”

Suryo Linda Gardner, M.A.

Image result for suryo gardner images“Clear, precise and inspiring material! Very practical wisdom that can be applied to the here and now of my daily life and professional life!  

NLP training changed the way I work with my clients. It gave me a specific set of skills that gave me the power to get faster results because I understood more about how to get what I needed from my client's conscious and unconscious mind. 

Ragini is the best trainer and personal mentor I have experienced. When asked who is the best person to learn NLP from, my first response is always Ragini - without question.

For More Testimonials
Click Here

Your Investment Options*

NLP COACH PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION:  $6,000 (24 Week Program / Includes Fees For Certification)

Early Bird Option: Pay your investment in full by September 1st, 2022, and receive a discount of $850. This makes your investment for the future as a Certified NLP Coach Practitioner only $5,150. Just use this coupon code when enrolling: EARLYBIRD2022.

Installment Option:  6 Payments of $1,025 each. The first is due on the day of enrollment and the remaining payments are due on the first of each month for the next 5 consecutive months.

When & Where:
Location: Zoom
When: The first Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of each month for 6 months.
Times: Fridays - 4:30 to 6 Pacific
Saturdays & Sundays - 9 to 2 Pacific / Skill Labs twice a month each for 90 minutes
Dates: Beginning September 30, 2022 / Completes April 1, 2023

*We value this 24-week NLP Coach Practitioner Certification training at over $18,500 in services and products.


If you know this training is for you, skip the rest of this paragraph and read on below.

But … if you have questions or are unsure, please CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary call with me. I’ll answer your questions and we’ll determine if this is the right training for you in building or expanding your career.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100 % guaranteeIf for any reason you decide this program is not for you, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked. After that, refunds are no longer possible.


Space truly is limited because this training is LIVE and very personalized to each student.  Please don’t leave your success to chance. Save your spot today. 

It will be my pleasure and honor to work with you.


Investment For Certification As NLP Coach Practitioner

You may make your investment in one full payment or use the 6 payment option listed below. To receive the Early Bird Discount, use 'EARLYBIRD2022' At Checkout.

Become A Certified NLP Coach Practitioner And Watch Your Referrals Soar!

Learn To Communicate With Your Client's Unconscious Mind * Develop The Art Of Skillful Inquiry PLUS The Science Of Accelerated Behavioral Change