Grinch Or Gandhi?

A holiday gift for yourself that your family & friends will greatly appreciate!

Remember how the rush and stress of too many things to do during the holiday season robbed you of your desire to just relax and have fun? 

Recall how feeling physically tired and emotionally exhausted dimmed the bright spots you were looking forward to enjoying with great anticipation?

How the social gatherings that happily filled up your calendar with friends, family and co-workers began to feel like a chore rather than a delight?

You know...that moment when overwhelm finally succeeded in getting your attention? When it grabbed your presence and calm right away from you? 

And suddenly, you were transformed into a Grinch, right on the spot?

 (Sadly, it seems to always happen when you're ready to dive in and truly savor a tree lighting, a fresh batch of cookies, or, worse yet, a sweet moment with your beloved!)

Well, I have a solution to help you truly enjoy this holiday season, New Year included.  

There is a way to stay connected to your intention to be calm, present, and mindful. 

A way to stay open to the flow of madness that is this time of year ...

AND have fun ...

AND ...  the time to sit back and allow gratitude, wonder and awe to flow unabated into every cell and fiber of your Being ... 

To reclaim your strength and clarity so you can celebrate all the gifts of your journey, and all the people you love, and who love you. 

There is a way to help you draw on your reservoir of inner peace, patience, and love so you can be much more of a Gandhi than a Grinch.  

Wouldn't that be great?  Here's how.

Unlimited Laser Coaching - Short, Sweet, & So Powerful

How you experience the holiday season and New Year is up to you. But it's always easier to succeed with a little bit of help from your inner strength, clarity, and wisdom.

This offer is for 8 weeks during which you can take advantage of an unlimited number of one-on-one 15 minute laser coaching calls.  That's amazing, isn't it?

But want to know why 15 minutes?

Well, time feels sparse anyway.  And very limited during the holidays and New Year festivities.  

So here's the mindset you need to bring for the success of the program.

FIRST, know you already have what you need inside of you.  You've done a lot of personal growth, work on mindset or mindfulness, and even perhaps meditation or contemplation.  So you're way ahead of the game.  

But this isn't the issue.

The disrupting issue is how easy it is to disconnect from all you know when the stress goes on overload.  

AND ...  how hard it is to reconnect in the presence of too much overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, irritation, or anger.  

And isn't this especially disappointing when all you really want to do is relax and enjoy the holidays?

So, you have to trust what you already know. You have what you need to sail through this time with ease and grace - IF YOU CAN ACCESS IT!

Trust that's true. Trust that it's all there. Trust that it will re-emerge when remembered.

SECOND, having an UNLIMITED number of 15 minute laser coaching calls with me - JUST you and me - can make the difference between an exhausting and tiring holiday trek and an enjoyable, fun, sweet time of celebration and joy. 

Remembering the sweet taste of presence to the here and now is always the key to happiness, celebration, joy, and gratitude. 

And what's true is that you have what you need to participate in this holiday season with grace, love, and presence. 

All you have to do is stay connected to its power. 

What You Need To Know

The More You Keep Your Inner Wisdom, Calm, & Presence In Your Awareness, The Happier You Can Be As The Season Unfolds

You can successfully leave the Grinch behind you.

You can successfully step into your ability to stay calm. present, and centered regardless of what's unfolding.

However, this quote from one of my teachers says it all:

"Success depends on your ability to take action on the invisible."

Under stress, we easily fall into the belief that what we're seeing, hearing, and feeling is, in fact,  all there is. 

This kind of quick laser coaching will help you remember the invisible support that is already yours, right there inside of you, ready and waiting to save your day.

Here's How It Works

Unlimited Calls / Schedule, Contemplate, Schedule, Contemplate

  • Schedule your 15 minute one-on-one laser coaching call on my scheduler (during the designated office hours) whenever you want to talk

  • Come to the call with a sense of what you want to receive

  • Within a few hours, you will receive what I call a Contemplative Koan (question or idea)

  • As soon you send me one paragraph (text or messenger is ok) about what you discovered, you can book your next 15 minute call

But What's This Contemplation Thing?

This will be a simple idea or question for you to contemplate which will arise out of each of our 15 minute coaching sessions.  

One of my best skills is getting down to the heart of the matter just by listening to you talk.  So I'll listen carefully for the idea or question at the root of what you're asking for, or trying to remember or work out.

Then all you have to do is think on it, chew on it, and when you're ready, just drop me a one paragraph reply with the essence of what you discovered.

When that's done, then you're free to book your next laser coaching call.  

Your Coach

Seasoned With Years Of Experience And International Acclaim

That's me, Ragini Michaels. If you haven't met me before, I've been a Certified NLP Trainer (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for over 3 decades. And I've also offered Master Practitioner Certification for both NLP & Hypnosis around the globe with stellar reviews

I'm also a Certified Coach through the Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching, and have run a successful private practice in Seattle for over 4 decades maintained by referrals from clients only!

I've written 5 books and created 2 hypnosis meditation series - Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul and Hypnosis For Conscious Awakening. I also ran a Wisdom School from 2000 to 2010 focused on the value of living from the perspective of paradoxical wisdom.

On a personal note:  Believe me, I know how crazy the holidays can get too. And I've found it totally useful to have someone to talk to when I really feel I need it.  

And honestly, that could be quite often. The holidays and new year seem to trigger my desire to run and hide. That was my way of making sure I didn't lose it through a snide comment or really ugly judgment spilling out of my mouth.

In other words, I'm right there with you. Never give up on your personal evolution and spiritual inquiry.  

I'm still working with things, same as you, and I've been meditating, contemplating, and deep into spiritual inquiry and practice for over 4 decades!  

Conclusion? Be kind to yourself and keep doing what is yours to do.

If you'd like to learn more about my background, please CLICK HERE.

Your Investment In Happy Holidays

The Cost Of Your Gift To Yourself

So how much will this cost?

Amazingly enough, I decided to offer this program with UNLIMITED 15 Minute Coaching Calls for 8 weeks during one of the most challenging times of the year for just $497.  

Now if that's a stretch for you, not to worry. I have a payment plan offering 2 installments of $274 each. 

I won't go on and on about what an amazing deal this is. You'll either want to take advantage of this offer, or not. 

But do make your decision pretty quickly because I can only extend this offer to a maximum of 15 people.  (After all, I want to enjoy the holidays too!) 

Three Great Bonuses!

But Wait!! Still On The Fence? Here's a couple of extra goodies.

Here are three extra special gifts I'm delighted to send you. They might help you make your decision.

1) A recording of each of our sessions shortly after our call. This gives you the opportunity to tune back in to your own wisdom and guidance as it emerged during the session. 

Having the recording means you can tune in to it again as much as you want, or might need. 

2) Two beautiful and calming mp3's from my hypnosis/meditation series, Hypnosis For Conscious Awakening. You'll receive number 2 and 4 in the series: Balancing In Motion, and Living In Mystery.  

These offer my voice and inspiring original music written and orchestrated by Divaym Ambodha, my music and video wonder guy.

3) Unlimited Email!  Yes. That's right. In addition to the unlimited laser coaching call, you can also send unlimited email during the 8 week event. 

The only catch?  It has to be asking a question, a request for clarification, or sharing a powerful insight.  (No long emails detailing all the horror stories of your day,)  When a reply is deemed pertinent, I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. 

Ready To Grab This Limited Time Offer?

To Help You Make Your Decision, Here's A Few Things To Remember:

  • This offer closes November 15th at midnight..
  • This offer is for Unlimited 15 Minute Laser Coaching Sessions for 8 weeks

  • This offer begins on November 16th and ends on January 16th.

  • These Laser Coaching sessions are to help you quickly and effectively remember and connect to all your resources during the holiday rush to be happy and peaceful while celebrating the spirit of love, light, and giving.

  • These Laser Coaching sessions are to help you ring in the new year with your intentions, values, and priorities identified, lined up, and ready to leap into the creation of the next year of your journey.

This time of year everyone struggles with the urge to be a Grinch.  And many times, you just have to let the ugly little guy out.

But with all the work you've done, that Gandhi is simply awaiting the return of your attention and presence.  

Give yourself the gift of a little support and keep that Grinch at bay.

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The Cost Of This Gift To Yourself

You may make your investment in one full payment, or use the 2 payment plan below

Give Yourself The Support You Desire And Enjoy A Happy Holiday Season

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