Create More Loving, Peaceful, & Kind Relationships - At Home, At Work, & With Yourself

Arguing? Fighting? Not Heard? Not Listening Anymore? Unhappy With Friends, Family, Or Yourself?

Relationships are usually more complex and demanding than most of us would like. After all, aren't love and friendship supposed to be what makes life worthwhile? Yet, these relationships often turn out to be harder and more confusing than we expected. What you may not know is the importance of how you play your role in determining the smoothness of your connections. This course gives you the 'know-how' to move away from arguing and toward being more loving, calm, and present to what's unfolding in your connections with others.

This Course Will Change The Way You Live & Breathe Relationships

From Anger To Forgiveness - From Defending To Sharing

  • Create Peace & Not War

    Everything changes when you recognize you're insisting you HAVE to be right! Instead, you can embrace a WILLINGNESS to be wrong> (which is not the same as BEING wrong).

  • Release Negative Judgements

    Learning the intrinsic joys and sorrows of compromise frees you to communicate honestly and lovingly. And more easily than you can imagine, reclaim your freedom to easily let go.

  • Recreate Lovers & Friends

    Discovering you can dissolve the urge to argue creates the space for love and friendship to re-emerge. Move beyond the past and evoke a happier and more loving connection.

Is The Problem Really The Relationship?

Ever Say, "This Is Too Hard, Too Complicated! If Only My Friend (Or Partner) Would Get It Together!"

I think everyone agrees relationship is complicated. But why is that?

Well, there are many reasons. But the one that consistently challenges and complicates relationship the most is anger and blame.

We seem quite willing to fight for our point of view as the right one. But then, we can stubbornly begin insisting the other acknowledge their way of seeing things is not only not right - but wrong!

Wherever anger arises, it is always in relationship to something or someone: your boss, partner, children, computer, the internet, driving in rush hour traffic, sales clerks when shopping, or waiting on the phone in the hope you’ll finally get through to an actual person.

And, of course, the worst case is when that anger, frustration, or irritation is being directed at yourself.

Is There A Way Out Of Relationship Distress?

Feel Disappointed, Let Down? Unclear How To Change It? Would Being Alone Feel Better?

Your ability to transform anger and its accompanying urge to argue with others or with yourself, rests in the relationship you create between you and these kinds of events.

AND ... that means a conscious awakening to your unconscious expectations influencing your behavior. Especially the desire, or often the demand, that your partner or friend be the one to change!

It is common to experience a number of irritating situations in a single day. But do you know what to do with your irritation, annoyance, or frustration? If not, it will surely blossom into the oh-too-common ‘power struggle’.

You will unconsciously fall into the belief that if you're finally recognized as being right - in some situation, somewhere - you will feel paid back for all the ‘wrongs’ done to you during the day. The ‘wrongs’ being a lack of recognition of your needs, a sense of being disrespected, and most likely, a sense of having no power to change anything, or to make the situations you encounter any different.

This Course will increase your ability to find greater happiness and connection in your relationships at home - and even when you're in business mode.

BUT the biggest benefit may rest in learning how to be more loving, and at peace, with yourself - especially when you discover that once again, you're arguing your little heart out with somebody over something!

An Overview Of What You Will Learn

  • Why We Argue And Are Spellbound By The Need To Be Right

  • Why Being Willing To Be Wrong Is So Hard To Do

  • Tools To Recognize Your Anger & The Urge To Argue, As It's Emerging

  • How To Step Back From Anger & View With An Objective Eye

  • How To Challenge The 
    Overwhelming Human Need To Be Right

What You Will Receive

  • 8 Intriguing & Revealing Lessons That You Will Easily Relate To Your Own Experience

  • Tips With Each Lesson For Integrating New Ways Of Approaching Anger

  • Action Steps To Help You Install These Tips Into Your Brain & Body

  • Four Fun Videos Supporting The Reality That These Issues Are Common To Everyone - And Can Be Managed In New And More Effective Ways

  • A Quiz For Each Lesson to Help You Clarify What You Actually Took In & Understood

  • BONUS: Ragini's complete Guided -Meditation Audio Series: Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul - Four Mp3's

  • Continued Access To This Program - Return As Often As You Like To Review & Refresh Your New Perspectives.


Ragini's complete audio series:  Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul comprised of 4 beautiful 30 minute Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3’s. Designed to help you re-educate your unconscious mind to these new perspectives: 

  • Awareness Arising
  • Answers Rest Within
  • Beyond The Past
  • Healing Heart

A Few Testimonials

"An amazing way to work on relationships. Very helpful guidance and some stunning insights I can't believe I missed.  The ROI here is much bigger than I expected."
 - David James, Colorado

"I just wish someone would have told me about this much sooner. Life is so much easier with this deeper understanding at my side."
- Lainie East, Boston

"Once I understood the power of being willing to be wrong, it got a lot easier to embrace the idea. A great course for anyone having trouble with anger and difficult relationships." 
- Margo O'Brien, Ireland

Course Curriculum

Precise Guidance To Create Peaceful & Loving Connections

  • 01

    Chapter 1 - The Problem With Arguing Is HAVING To Be Right

    • Lesson 1 HAVING To Be Right

    • Awareness Arising - Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • QUIZ: The Problem With Arguing Is HAVING To Be Right

  • 02

    Chapter 2 The Solution That Ends Arguing Is Being WILLING To Be Wrong

    • Lesson 2 Being WILLING To Be Wrong

    • The Onion Dilemma - Video

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • QUIZ: The Solution That Ends Arguing Is Being WILLING To Be Wrong

  • 03

    Chapter 3 Two Liberating Points Of View That Dissolve The Desire To Argue

    • Lesson 3 Two Liberating Points Of View

    • Marcie's Story - Video

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • QUIZ: Two Liberating Points Of View

  • 04

    Chapter 4 - The Hazardous & Oh-Too-Frequent Power Struggle

    • Lesson 4 - The Power Struggle

    • Answers Rest Within - Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • Quiz: The Hazardous & Oh-Too-Frequent Power Struggle

  • 05

    Chapter 5 - Creating Lovers & Friends - Not Adversaries

    • Lesson 5 - Creating Lovers & Friends

    • Beyond The Past - Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • Quiz: Creating Lovers & Friend - Not Adversaries

  • 06

    Chapter 6 - The Joys & Sorrows Of Compromise

    • Lesson 6 - Compromise?

    • Healing Heart - Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • Quiz: The Joys & Sorrows Of Compromise

  • 07

    Chapter 7 - The Downsides Of Finding Your Soul Mate

    • Lesson 7 - The Downsides Of Finding Your Soul Mate

    • Frank's Soul Mate Story - Video

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • Quiz: The Downsides Of Finding Your Soul Mate

  • 08

    Chapter 8 - The Fear Of Placing Happiness In Your Own Hands

    • Lesson 8 - Placing Happiness In Your Own Hands

    • Your Recap Of How To Stop Arguing In Relationships

    • Nick's Fear Of Placing Happiness In His Own Hands - Video

    • Tips

    • Action Steps

    • Quiz: The Fear Of Placing Happiness In Your Own Hands

  • 09

    What To Do Next?

    • Your Next Step

About Your Instructor

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels was trained by the co-founders of NLP - Richard Bandler and John Grinder - as well as studying with Robert Dilts, Leslie Cameron Bandler, Chris Hall, Stephen Gilligan, Michael Grinder, Jean Houston, and many others. Ragini is a true expert in facilitating communication between the conscious and unconscious minds, and navigating her client's desires for more practical ways that make daily life more workable.

She is an avid advocate for the development of  mindfulness, presence, and awareness in daily life, based on her long personal exploration over the past 4 decades. 

At the same time, she has run a successful Coaching and NLP private practice as well as running a successful international NLP  training company. 


  • Certified Trainer - The Society of NLP 
  • Certified Fellow Trainer -The International Association For NLP 
  • Certified Life & Personal Wellness Coach & Mentor - The Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching 
  • Certified Hypnotherapist -International Hypnosis Federation
  • Graduate - The Institute For Creative Development
  • Degree In Physiological Psychology 

Member Organizations:

  • ICF  (International Coaching Federation)
  • IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches) 
  • Society of NLP
  • International Association for NLP
  • International Hypnosis Federation

Signature Contributions - Mp3's, Books & Courses:

  • Hypnosis to Heal The Heart & Soul (mp3 series)
  • Hypnosis for Conscious Awakening (mp3 series)
  • Facticity – a door to mental health & beyond
  • Lions In Wait – a road to personal courage
  • Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, & Peaceful No Matter What
  • The Jewels Of Here & Now: Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude
  • The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God: Musings Of A Modern Marketplace Mystic
  • The Mystic's Wisdom: De-Coded On-Line Training (Managing The Dirty Dozen Dilemmas Of Daily Life)

You can contact Ragini at or email her directly at

A Review Of What You Receive In This Course

Here's What You Can Enjoy For The Amazingly Low Price Of Just $97.

  • 8 Lessons Guiding You Through The Ins And Outs Of Creating A New Way Of Relating

  • A New Lesson Delivered Everyday for 8 days Giving You Time To Absorb & Digest The New Insights, Understandings, Video or Audio That Each Lesson Offers

  • Useful Tips With Each Lesson To Help You Make What You're Learning A Real Part Of Your DailyLife

  • Action Steps With Each Lesson To Help You Install Your Learnings Into Your Brain & Body

  • Four Fun Videos You're Sure To Enjoy & Easily Relate To

  • A Quiz For Each Lesson To Help You Determine What You Learned

  • Lifetime Access To This Program For Quick & Easy Reviews Any Time You Desire

  • BONUS Ragini's Complete Hypnosis/Meditation Mp3 Series: Hypnosis To Heal The Heart & Soul - Composed Of 4 Original & Unique Mp3's

Special Offer! LIVE Support If Desired

Some folks like to communicate with their teachers while learning. If you're one of these people, you'll be happy to know this is a possibility.

You have the option of adding to your course - TWO 45 Minute PRIVATE Coaching Calls with Ragini - your course creator. The only caveat is that your calls must be completed within 2 weeks from the date your course began.  If Live Support is the way you learn best, this is a fabulous opportunity to get some private time with Ragini. This is an opportunity you will want to use to your advantage.

If so, just choose the $297 option below and you'll receive an email telling you how to contact Ragini for the details on scheduling your Private Coaching Sessions.

Ready To Learn More About Human Relationships?

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Discover why and how it is YOU who have the power to make your relationships work better, with more love and connection every time. Wondering if you should take advantage of this offer today? I'm no fortune teller, but I do think you'll be glad you did.

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