Plotting Your Course To Heartfelt Connection

This E-Book offers 6 articles I wrote for an on-line magazine about 10 years ago. They are vignettes about my personal encounters with the kind of everyday dilemmas relationships present to all of us. They're fun, and you'll find it easy to relate to the different situations. Each little story offers up a specific problem, and the way I learned to resolve the conflict for myself by simply shifting the way I was looking at the scenario. I think you'll find these pieces fun, easy to read, and hopefully, stimulating your desire to reflect on the ways you're using to handle these everyday dilemmas intrinsic to being human. Please enjoy.

What This Little E-Book Offers

Relationships Are Tough In The Best Of Times. These Vignettes Deal With 6 Of The More Difficult Everyday Decisions We All Have To Make - And The Kind Of 'Stuff' That Comes Up In Their Wake For Us To Deal With

  • The 5 Biggest "Either/Or' Decisions You Have To Navigate In Relationships

  • The 3 Challenging Needs That Must Be Met For Both You & The Other

  • The Pitfalls You're Sure To Find When These Needs Are Ignored

  • A Different Solution To Your Problem - The Middle Way

  • The Middle Way vs. Compromise

  • A Slightly Deeper Insight To Contemplate - Or Not!

  • 6 Vignettes Relating 6 Everyday Dilemmas You Have To Resolve Right Here & Now

The 6 Vignettes

 Who Comes First Today? You Or Me?

♥ Two Sweeteners For Intimate Interaction 

♥ The Two Sided Silver Lining

You’re Not The Boss O’ Me!

Can Being Wrong Be Alright? 

 Pet Peeves: Accept Or Reject?

Our Gift To You