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Why invest in a personal mentor and not a consulting group or mastermind? Well, here's the key difference. A mentoring relationship is all about YOU! It is a mentor's job to not just share what they know that can help you. It is their job to share it in a way that fits who YOU are, what you're about, and your most natural style of working. Shared information is just information. But a great mentor wraps everything they have to give into just the right package that makes it easy & fun for YOU.. After all, when you are a solopreneur, YOU are your best asset. So tender loving care is what you deserve. A great gift to give to yourself!

How Others Benefited From Ragini's Mentoring

Kirk Vandenbergh - https://KirkvGen.com 

"I began studying NLP and Hypnosis with Ragini in 1985 culminating with being awarded Trainer certificates in both fields in 1990. I found she had a wonderful mix of knowledge and intuition and her abilities have only deepened and widened since then. Instead of overwhelming me with tons of feedback, she had an uncanny ability to point my attention to specific key areas where I could build my skills, thus accelerating my growth, personally and professionally. I’m grateful I had the opportunity and recommend her mentoring wholeheartedly."

Chiara Guerierri -https://chiarayoga.com/

“Ragini gave me the wonderful experience of never feeling judged, criticized, or measured.  I always felt seen and accepted.  She created the space for me to relax and easily take in her guidance and feedback.  A seed takes root when it senses there is space for its presence, nourishment for its growth, and perhaps most important, a cushiness that allows its roots to easily emerge. If this is your desire and you’re looking for a mentor, I recommend Ragini without reservation.”

What Is Ragini's Approach To Mentoring?

Is There A Perfect Mentor For You?two white figures putting puzzle pieces together

I discovered when it’s time seek out a mentor, finding just the right person can make all the difference.  This means taking your time to find someone you feel listens to you. Someone who knows what it's like to want to be your best.  And who has the desire & experience to guide you right into the realization of that goal. .

A great mentor will help you discover and/or articulate your deeper goals. They will support you to identify what attitude or perception is stopping you from reaching those goals. And they will share appropriate solutions that fit YOU.  

A mentor is so much more than a point of accountability. They are your personal teacher, guide, advisor, and hopefully, friend. Someone who sees the depth of your desire to be your best and nurtures its blossoming.  The right mentor will offer support and encourage you to do what needs to be done to achieve the reality of your best self.

What Is Mentoring From A Behavioral Change Specialist? 
Knowing what you need to know to reach your goals is essential. BUT ... the bottom line for success is being able to DO what you need to do. The key is being able to move through the obstacles and objections in your way and reach your goals. In other words, take action! 

Regardless of your goal, challenge, or just the longing to be your best, the bottom line for success is implementing what you’ve discovered via the power of action.  Thus, knowing how to implement actual behavioral change is crucial, for both yourself & others. Whatever your course of study has been so far, learning more about creating behavioral change can only give you more options to offer your clients, and more ways to build your sense of competence and confidence.

The Flavor Of My Speciality
Every mentor has a background or specialty that makes them just a little bit different from others. In my case, I will always honor the goals of traditional Mentoring first. But there is so much more to discover within ourselves - understandings and perspectives that can help you help others. 

In addition to coaching, I bring over 35 years of experience utilizing, and training others, in the tools and processes from the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), The Enneagram of Personality, Energy Psychology, Paradox Management, and other behavior change modalities. These are models designed to get the changes you want to actually show up in your everyday behavior.

I have also been an avid spiritual seeker & thus bring an extensive background of personal experience in spiritual inquiry, I’ve worked with folks in all stages of the human search for purpose, meaning, and happiness.

If you work with a lot of folks into mindfulness, presence, and meditation, my background will be an additional asset in building your own expertise. 

In addition to having studying the NLP approach to rewiring your brain, I also have a degree in Physiological Psychology and have studied and used various other systems that are based in the scientific approach. So when it’s time to rewire the brain so it will work for your clients (or you)  instead of against them, I have some interesting perspectives & guidance to offer. 

As your mentor, my goal  is connecting you with your own special gifts and talents, and your amazing freedom to use them with ease, confidence, and comfort.

If you'd like to know more about my background, watch the video below. For full screen view, click in lower right hand corner of video on Full Screen icon.

Is It Time To Add A Mentor To Your Professional Journey?

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Your Investment

You will discuss this with Ragini on your 30 minute FREE consult

Various possibilities are available depending on your goals and financial capabilities. 

Ragini suggests a minimum 3 month commitment. This gives you time to assess the benefits of private mentoring to both your work and your personal sense of self. 

Your Investment Options

You Can Choose Between 2 Starter Options: 8 Thirty Minute Calls Over 3 Months - $997 - OR Unlimited 15 Minute Laser Mentoring Calls For One Year - $1995