Private Coaching: A Powerful Way To Fast Track Your Personal Growth & Wisdom

Feeling A Bit Lost? Confused? Lonely? Tired Of An Old Habit That Just Won't Quit? Problems At Work Or At Home?

Do you need a listening ear? A bit of help to recover your clarity, strength, wisdom or faith? Private coaching is a great way to receive the support you may be too shy or scared to seek out in other ways. Coaching is not advice. It offers guidance and support to follow your own inner knowings and desires. It helps you discover what you want, what's missing that you need to get, and what you have to do to make it all real. Private Coaching is a great gift to give to yourself. What's possible is just waiting for you around that next bend in the road.

Time To Reach Out For A Little Coaching Support?

It's A No-Brainer! Problems Can Weigh You Down. But Help Is Just A Click Away. So.....

  • Your Answers Rest Within

    Often the reason you can't find what you're looking for is that you're looking in the wrong place There are lots of reasons to do that. But all it takes is a little guidance to shift your eyes inward where the answers rest.

  • The Power Of Private Coaching

    Sometimes what you need is a bit of on-going support with someone you trust, has no agenda except yours, & is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Coaching sessions with Ragini do just that

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels, Originator Of Centered 24-7 & Paradox Management, With Over Four Decades Of Successful Private Practice & Training Others Here & Abroad, Has Been Featured Here:

What Is Ragini's Approach To Coaching?

Is There A Perfect Coach For You? 
I discovered when it’s time to reach out and seek support, finding just the right coach or guide can make all the difference.  This means taking your time to find someone you feel listens to you. Someone who also knows what it’s like to feel stuck with no clue how to get unstuck. And who has the skills to help you realize how you can free yourself from self-imposed limitations and finally move on to your next step.

A good coach will help you discover and/or articulate your goals. They will support you to identify what’s stopping you from reaching those goals. And they will help you strategize appropriate solutions. When this is done, your coach becomes your point of accountability. 

A great NLP Coach offers the added benefit of being trained to help you create the actual behavior change you need to actualize those strategies, remove the obstacles, and achieve your desired outcomes much more quickly than you may have ever thought possible

While I was going through my training, I realized how much I enjoyed helping people actually change their behaviors. Since then I’ve been honored to work all around the globe. My clients’ professions range from CEO, Executive Director, and Entrepreneur, to therapist, artist, and author. And because of my background and experience in spiritual inquiry, I’ve drawn folks in all stages of the human search for purpose, meaning, and happiness.

What Is The Bottom Line In Coaching? 
Knowing what you need to know to reach your goals is essential. BUT ... the bottom line for success is being able to DO what you need to do. The key is being able to move through the obstacles and objections in your way and reach your goals. In other words, take action! 

Whether you want to increase your income, expand your sense of self-esteem, create a better relationship, explore how to boost your career, or gain insight into your life’s meaning and purpose, the bottom line for success is implementing what you’ve discovered via the power of action.  Knowing what you want is the first step.  To fulfill that desire is pure joy and delight.  To discover you truly are more than you thought possible builds both confidence and humility.

The Flavor Of My Speciality
Every coach has a specialty that makes them just a little bit different from others. In my case, I will always honor the goals of traditional Coaching first – BUT – my specialty is helping those who still feel stuck even though they now understand what’s going on.  They want to go further but don't necessarily want to see a therapist or counselor.

In addition to coaching, I bring over four decades of successful private practice as well experience utilizing, and training others in the tools and processes from the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), The Enneagram of Personality, Energy Psychology, Paradox Management, and other behavior change modalities. These are models designed to get the changes you want to actually show up in your everyday behavior.

If you still can’t take that final step and instigate action, I may be the perfect coach for you. In this scenario, it’s time to rewire your brain so it will work for you instead of against you. That means creating new neural pathways, which is my specialty.

These new pathways can transform your intention to act into real action, fulfilling the bottom line of your desire for success, satisfaction, and happiness - connecting you with your own special gifts and talents, and your amazing freedom to use them

If you'd like to know more about my background, please see my About Page

Comments From Past Clients

A Little Coaching Or A Lot? Depends On What You're After

“"Ragini has a heart of gold. There are very few people that I would trust implicitly and have extreme faith in. Plus, Ragini has a good sense of humor and laughs at all of my jokes :)"”

Corporate Training & Executive & Transition Coach - Radio Show Host 'Fire It Up With CJ'

CJ Liu

“Ragini is a remarkable coach. She provides insightful and practical guidance that I can put to use in my daily life. Her help yielded concrete results and improvements in my outlooks, career, and relationships. She can look at an issue from a variety of perspectives and is always able to bring fresh and useful ideas to the table. I recommend Ragini without out hesitation or limitation.”

Resource Equity - Senior Attorney Specializing In Land Rights

David Bledsoe

“My sessions with Ragini resulted in a feeling of a green light lit to my deepest dreams and aspirations. Like a true master at any art, she makes what she does look easy. In fact a session with her sounds a bit like simply having a conversation with an old friend. But make no mistake, she brings an understanding of how the mind and emotions work that is unparalleled in the present field of coaching.”


Jamie St.Clair

“Thank you, Ragini, for coaching me through a new definition of myself as a fine artist, and helping me reorganize my habits to prioritize this new identity, and embrace it! Your guidance helps me clarify what's working and what isn't, so I can move forward into purer expressions of myself in my art and in my life.”

Fine Artist

Sandy Haight

“Ragini is an amazing presentation coach. She goes beyond things you'd expect from a good coach--like body movement, tone of voice, and formulating engaging content. She helped me address and reframe hidden fears and underlying concerns, both personally but also within the content of the presentation, so they lost their power over me. With Ragini's help, I now feel secure that I can make my business a success.”

Author & Creator Of 'Restful Insomnia'

Sondra Kornblatt

“Ragini has helped me increase my awareness, improve my relationships, expand my consciousness, enhance my professional success, and open my heart. I highly recommend anyone to consider the classes, books, recordings, blogs, and remote/in-person coaching sessions that Ragini offers. Your success and joy in life, however you define it, will be enhanced.”

Senior Recruiter Microsoft

Teresa Dahl

Can Investing In Yourself & Your Happiness Wait Any Longer?

When you commit to a series of NLP sessions, you make a commitment to yourself

You make a commitment so you can check out for yourself what's possible in the NLP Coaching format when you're working with a seasoned Behavior Change Specialist like Ragini. 

And if you have a few conflicting feelings about what to do, you're not alone. Everyone wobbles a bit when you can no longer ignore your own sense that it's time to jump in and discover what's possible - for you!! 

The outcome of NLP Coaching is to help you transform your challenges, confusions, or stuckness into resources and strengths so you can find your way to achieving the goal you desire - not just one goal but all the goals you desire, today!  Including your sense of purpose and calling, as well as greater happiness and inner peace.

How long it might take to reach your goal or outcome is determined by your experience of your own transformation.    

Please schedule your Complimentary Call with Ragini by clicking on the link below. I think you'll be glad you did. 

Your Investment

Is it finally time for you to take action so you can move beyond any fear, doubt, frustration or anxiety that's in your way? Step into actualizing your potential today and experience the power of NLP Coaching with Ragini's exquisite expertise and loving guidance.