Why Opt For Mentoring In This New Skill & Life-Changing Perspective?

Deepening your Centered 24-7 prowess supports your desire to disrupt your unconscious mind’s old conditioning and to lay down that new neural pathway you now know is possible. 

Mentoring will help you continue to open that door to moving forward by taking charge of placing your attention on what you’ve now verified is a real fact of life – the ‘facticity’ of change and the role of polar opposites within that flow.

I guarantee you that since you’ve now cracked the code of human happiness, you can impact the rest of your life if you truly make this practical wisdom your own. You’ll be granting yourself easier and faster access to:

  • reflection rather than reactivity
  • faith rather than doubt 
  • self-acceptance rather than self-criticism

You can make this different brand of happiness your way of living daily life. This mentoring experience will help you
embrace the flow of your life journey with a deepened sense of clarity, courage, and practical wisdom. 

You've already been impacted and empowered by your Centered 24-7 training. And deepening your access to this practical wisdom will grant you more of that freedom to be happy, centered, and peaceful no matter what comes your way. 




The Cost Of Not Continuing To Deepen What You’ve Learned

Concepts are great. But the freedom to reflect and respond instead of reacting is much greater. 

Daily life is a hotbed of predicaments, dilemmas, conundrums, ambiguity, complexity, chaos, and often volatility – not to mention the emotional turmoil all of this creates. You’re not alone when you find it difficult to get through a day without getting pulled into these familiar feelings:

Frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, disappointment, doubt, desperation, inadequacy, confusion, helplessness, and often hopelessness. 

Not dealing with these emotional disruptions can lead to illness, difficult relationships, professional problems, and a host of other uncomfortable and challenging situations. You've embraced the shift that allowed you to face the fact that these experiences are an undeniable and unchangeable part of everyone's life journey.

But without practicing this skill that you’ve so courageously learned, you are choosing to keep a specific door leading to greater happiness and peace of mind solidly closed.  

And, you've now experienced that it truly does not have to be that way. You know the six steps that can make your life journey happier, more peaceful, mindful, and centered 24-7.  

But like all things important, meaningful, and life-changing, these six steps must remain in the forefront of your mind UNTIL ... 2 things happen:

  • Your unconscious mind consents to using these six steps automatically and easily when appropriate

  • Your brain has successfully included this both/and option of response into its neural network as a viable and completely appropriate response to your request for returning to balance and your centered place of presence, mindfulness, and calm.

Our Dual Goal - Together

To make your everyday ordinary life more workable by deepening your clarity and desire to create and enjoy the consciousness-expanding both/and perception of life at will

To accelerate the installation of your new neurological coding for managing polarities rather than trying to fix them or get rid of them

The Benefits of Personal Mentoring With Ragini

  • When you wake up in the morning, the world will be the same, but your perception of it will have changed

  • You’ll understand more deeply how your discovery of this one single shift in perception is changing everything in your life – inside and outside

  • You’ll start recognizing the everyday signs of emerging stress, anger, frustration, etc. before they run away with your focus and energy

  • You’ll learn how to more quickly manage their arrival into your body and mind, instead of putting all your life energy into getting rid of the emotional distress

  • You’ll deepen your understanding of the secret to staying centered 24-7 no matter what comes your way

  • Your ride on the emotional roller coaster of daily life will be smoother, more enjoyable, fun, and result in greater productivity, efficiency, presence, and happiness

  • The energy you've put out retraining your brain and building this skill to help you live the Six-Step Process means you'll be able to access it more easily and enjoy using it in real-life on-going situations or circumstances outside the classroom.

  • And of course, you'll find yourself feeling stronger, safer, more balanced, and able to endure the hard punches life can offer in relationships, health, business, and especially, in your sense of self. 

How Others Benefited From Ragini's Mentoring

Kirk Vandenbergh  

"I began studying NLP and Hypnosis with Ragini in 1985 culminating with being awarded Trainer certificates in both fields in 1990. I found she had a wonderful mix of knowledge and intuition and her abilities have only deepened and widened since then. Instead of overwhelming me with tons of feedback, she had an uncanny ability to point my attention to specific key areas where I could build my skills, thus accelerating my growth, personally and professionally. I’m grateful I had the opportunity and recommend her mentoring wholeheartedly."

Chiara Guerierri -https://chiarayoga.com/

“Ragini gave me the wonderful experience of never feeling judged, criticized, or measured.  I always felt seen and accepted.  She created the space for me to relax and easily take in her guidance and feedback.  A seed takes root when it senses there is space for its presence, nourishment for its growth, and perhaps most important, a cushiness that allows its roots to easily emerge. If this is your desire and you’re looking for a mentor, I recommend Ragini without reservation.”

The Mentoring Program

  • Together, we will continue training your brain to use the Centered 24-7 Six-Step Process in all of the Dirty Dozen Dilemmas of Daily Life - an important step for making your daily life more workable by embracing the notion of balancing in motion. 

  • Each month, we will choose one of the six areas of daily life where the majority of dilemmas come to visit you. Then we'll focus on one or two of the core dilemmas in that area:
    • Happiness
    • Power
    • Success
    • Relationship
    • Purpose
    • Faith

  • Every month you will receive a worksheet to help you receive the maximum benefit from our time together.  This will be designed to help you:
    • Easily find the proper polar pair at the root of your Unresolvable Dilemma
    • Deepen your understanding of how the core polarities impact your daily life and choices
    • Continue reducing the stress, anxiety, frustration, etc., that keeps you from relaxing with change, new beginnings and endings, and the constantly changing and uncertain flow of your life journey

  • Any dilemma you’re struggling with can take precedence as our starting point each session. You’ll develop greater expertise at recognizing the core dilemmas at play and the freedom to quickly and easily plug your dilemmas into the complete Six-Step Process with my guidance, support, and feedback

  • You’ll learn to work with additional tools to: 
    • weaken stubborn resistances
    • loosen attachments
    • make fear of the future into an automatic trigger for courage 


Your Investment In Staying Centered 24-7 No Matter What

  • For 6 Months, Two 60 Minute Private Sessions with Ragini per month OR Four 30 Minute Private calls per month
  • A special mentoring experience for students who have completed the Centered 24-7 online training. This is designed to support your bravery & commitment to expanding your conscious awareness and the retraining of your brain so you can live comfortably and easily with the undeniable reality of polar opposites

  • Total Investment: $3500
  • Payment Plan:
    6 monthly payments of $671

  • Pay in Full and save $525


If you're still on the fence, here's my special bonus for committing to your future happiness and the continued expansion of your conscious awareness. 

You already experienced the power of the 10 Module online course. AND how the private 30-minute sessions each week helped you diffuse confusion into clarity, obstacles into learnings, and resistance into insight and understanding.


I'm extending the two monthly private calls from 60 minutes to 75 minutes each. If you choose the 4 half-hour sessions instead of the longer private calls, you'll have 4 forty-minute meetings each month.


Instead of having what totals up to 12 private sessions of personal guidance and mentoring, you will receive support totaling 15 private sessions.  These extra 3 sessions are my gift to you in honor of your commitment and dedication to living more consciously and happily.

"Is the Universe a friendly place?" 
If you answer Einstein's question with a 'Yes' then be sure to take advantage of this offer now and you'll be on your way to staying happy, centered, and peaceful
no matter what comes your way.

Your Investment Options

Now Is The Time To Dive Deep & Say Yes To Your Happiness & Peace Of Mind. Take Advantage Of The 6-Payment Option Or Save $525 & Pay In Full