Creative Homework By Design

14 Pre-Prepared Recipes Plus A Template For Creatively Designing Homework For Specific Clients

  • Insight

    Homework frees insight grasped in a session to take root. A way for insight to find its home in client's understanding. Helps shape idea of who they could become & how life could unfold.

  • Clarity

    Homework is a great tool for helping your client find clarity - on their own! Great coaching rests in the art of leading the client to discover their own understandings. The more organic the discovery, the better.

  • Practice

    Homework is practice. Practice is essential to building new habits & laying down a new neural pathway in the brain. New behavior is impossible without a coding for it in the brain. Homework serves this purpose.

A Valuable & Fun E-Book To Help Generate Great Referrals From Clients Who Think You're Fabulous & Truly Understand What They Need

This E-book is your call to creative cooking. It's beckoning you to fill an empty canvas with brushstrokes of bounty & beauty; to fill an empty page with words of wisdom, purpose & meaning; to command orchestral sounds to emerge on a blank sheet of music paper. 

Sound like too big a goal for homework to fulfill? Remember, homework designed properly can stimulate your client's capacity to discover, explore, & dive deeper than ever before.  It can be a powerful force for personal growth & evolution.  Give the creation of homework some of your time & energy. I think you may be delightfully surprised at how your own creative juices begin to stir and flow forth.  

What This Helpful E-Book Includes:

  • Easy To Follow Template For Designing Homework To Fit The Unique Needs Of A Specific Client

  • 14 Prepared Recipes For Juicy, Tasty, & Fun Out Of The Office (And The Box) Discovery

  • Offers Homework Involving Outer Doing: Creative Investigation

  • Includes Homework Evoking Inner Doing: Creative Imagination

Free Resources

Includes free access to 7 additional resources to help you continue to fulfill your quest for continuing education. 

Your Tiny Investment

A Small Investment That Can Generate A Big Return In The Form Of Fabulous Referrals. Your Clients Will Love How You Work With Them & Attend To Who They Are & What They Need

Jump Start Your Capacity For Creative Homework Design

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