"An Extraordinary Experience With Ragini & Robin!"

Enocha Ranjita Ryan - Enneagram 4

"This course was not about enlightenment and trying to be super human, but rather being a human who can embrace all of life...It was a plethora of feasting on spiritual principles without making it too spiritual. Thank you Ragini & Robin. I was really able to harvest a lot from this course and want more from you both!"

Your Challenge & How To Meet It

  • Your Unique Personality's Private Story

    We automatically create our life experiences into a story, replete with desire for love, acceptance & success. That story becomes the basis for all our decisions & our powerful sense of who we are & what we can do.

  • Your Desire To Be Aware, Present, & Mindful

    When the diamond of desires (to be aware, mindful, & present) enters your life, the personality has a few objections. It's not too happy with the entrance of this potential new boss in town & conflict arises.

  • Bridging The Gap Between The Two With The Enneagram

    There is always a gap between the higher and the lower. And when higher desires wish to take over the reins from the lower, resistance emerges. Learn the paradoxical solution to this inevitable struggle.

Do You Sometimes Wonder If Transformation Is Really Possible?

The Personality Is Strong. It Is Certain That How It's Reacting & Behaving In The World Is The Best Possible Way To Keep You Safe. That's Not An Easy Attitude To Change.

  • Can deep childhood beliefs & experiences really be transformed & overcome permanently?

  • Can you really take charge & make your emotions work for you instead of against you?

  • Does discouragement challenge your faith in transformation because what you thought you healed keeps returning?

  • Does your old world view keep disrupting your desire to embrace your new understanding of the universe, and your own purpose & meaning?

  • Are you under the influence of what we call 'transformation fatigue'? Too many attempts to transform yourself without enough verifiable success?

What Previous Students Are Saying About This Course

““I first encountered Ragini's paradoxical work in 1991. The shifts and learnings of that time have seeped into every corner of my life…A deep understanding of the nature of reality took root, and has helped me balance my personal and professional journey ever since, grounding it in trust and the acceptance of what is. Thank you, Ragini.””

Therapist, Mentor, NLP Practitiioner

Nirved Wilson

“The Enneagram of Paradox gave me a remarkable and stunning shift in perspective regarding a lifelong painful dilemma. As a 2, I struggled with the dilemma of choosing between My Will or Thy Will. Raised to be a fundamentalist Christian, the idea of surrendering my will to a vengeful God was terrifying. And a major obstacle in my spiritual awakening. This course with the paradoxical perspective helped me see that it’s been Thy Will AND My Will all along. From that perspective, Thy will and my will are two sides of the same coin and I can now relax in equanimity with both. Thank you for this fabulous new perspective for my precious Life. ”

Head Hunter / Microsoft / Retired

Teresa Dahl

“This Enneagram workshop changed my perspective on life. I learned how to relax with my irritating personality quirks, and not take my drama as the truth. The practical wisdom offered never leaves my side. It helps me create the changes I want in my life much more easily. And I’m grateful for the creativity, warmth, and wisdom that was offered on so many levels.”

Author & Coach / RestfulInsomnia.com

Sondra Kornblatt

You, Our Offer, And The Investment

We are looking for that group of people who love the Enneagram and want to learn how to deepen its value for expanding everyday awareness and conscious living and leadership.

If this fits you, we invite you to participate for the purpose of your own growth - AND to help us potentially create a worldwide impact.  With the degree of extreme polarization impacting our world today, it has become a high priority to know how to remain calm, centered, and balanced no matter what is unfolding.

If you're interested, you can join us now and become one of the founding members of the Enneagram of Paradox Pioneers, and we will verify your status with a beautiful certificate.

The program is $1997 and runs for 12 weeks. The material in this course offers you a golden opportunity to learn how to better embrace being both a human being and a divine being while navigating daily life and the emotional turmoil it presents. More specifically, this course addresses what to do when you're caught between a rock and a hard place - those situations that offer ONLY two options to choose from with neither offering a truly satisfying solution.

We wish to acknowledge your dedication to continually expanding your understanding of life to a new depth of clarity and personal freedom, 

That said, this course is less about personal development and more about developing your higher sense of identity via our paradoxical approach to the Enneagram.

To take advantage of this offer right now, and help us move the world toward this powerful & freeing paradoxical perspective, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and choose full payment, the three payment option, or secure your spot by May 15th and save $500.


: Wednesdays, June 5, 2024, through August 28, 2024

Time: 3:30 to 5:30 pm Pacific (4:30 to 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 to 7:30 pm Central, 6:30 to 8:30 Eastern)

Location: Zoom

Office Hours: Fridays, June 7, 2024 through August 24, 2024

Time: 9 to 10:30 am Pacific (10 to 11:30 am Mountain, 11 to 12:30 pm Central, 11:30 to 1 pm Eastern)

Location: Zoom

If you're ready to join us, just go to the bottom of this page, enroll today, and enjoy the Early Bird Discount of $500 available through May 15th.


if you're still on the fence, keep scrolling down and explore a bit more about what this program includes and how it will benefit you and your happiness in daily life.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

REFUNDS: If you decide by the end of the first week that this course is not for you, just let us know and we'll make sure you get a full refund - no questions asked. No refund is possible after that time.

So if you're ready to check it out, it's a risk-free exploration. 

Count Me In! I Want To Learn More!

I Want To Learn The Enneagram of Paradox To Support & Accelerate My Desire To Embrace Myself As Both A Human Being & A Divine Being Living Life Simultaneously

"I Recommend The Enneagram Of Paradox To Anyone Seeking To Deepen Their Personal Self-Awareness & Strengthen Their Ability To Navigate This Life."

Nancy Sweeter - Enneagram

"The Enneagram of Paradox course impacted my life powerfully. I found the experience of opening my mind, heart, and body to the practice of recognizing the nature of duality, the futility of setting up what I want versus what I don't want, and the infinity loop work allowed me to experience in my mind, heart, and body how it feels to rise above my human self and be in my divine self to solve the dilemmas of duality."

Learn How To Quiet The Battle Between Your Personality's Story & Your Soul's Truth With The Enneagram Of Paradox

  • Discover how the psychology of the mystics (not their spiritual paths) cajoles those inner enemies of transformation into friends & allies

  • Explore the freedom offered by the paradoxical view of how life works

  • Imbibe in the guidance graciously given by those who traveled this path long before today

  • Relax into the personality's story as you realize it is a PART of you, but NOT you

  • Unravel the confusing enigma of being both human and divine simultaneously

What You Will Receive In This Course

Information remains just information until it sets up housekeeping in your muscles. Learn how to integrate the wisdom and guidance from the Enneagram of Paradox into your body/mind via the creation of new neural pathways that your unconscious mind will accept and support.

During this 12-week course, you will gain access to:

  • 12 LIVE Masterclass Meetings on Zoom once a week for 120 minutes each plus an additional 90 minutes during weekly Office Hours.
  • 12 Modules packed with guidance for how to pinpoint the gifts of your discontent and transform them into the guidance of a truly practical wisdom

  • Guidance For Assessing The Motivation That Drives Each Enneagram Personality Type & How The Ennearam of Paradox reveals that the Holy Ideas Can Either Support Or Weaken That Motivation

  • Map Of The Enneagram of Personality & Holy Ideas From The Paradoxical Perspective Showing You How They Can Harmonize & Impact Your Core Existential Concerns

  • Tools To Release The Conflict Between The Personality's Story & Your Soul's Truth

  • Clarity For How To Make Peace With The Unsatisfactory Nature Of Daily Life Because Of Constant Change & Uncertainty.

  • Instructions For How To Befriend The Mind Rather Than Belittle It When It Does What You Don't Want It To Do

  • Precise Directions For How To Specifically Find The 'One' Hiding Within The 'Two' (Unity Within Duality)

  • Downloadable PDF's to create your own manual for quick & easy future reference

  • Recordings Of All Masterclass Meetings & weekly Office Hours

  • Downloadable Audio Recordings In mp3 Format'

  • Access To The Online Course Materials for an additional 6 months


  • 1. Brush Up Workshop on the 9 Personality Types & How They Interact -
    June 8, 2024 - 9 to 1 PST - with Robin Cameron on Zoom

  • 2. Brush Up Workshop On The 9 Holy Ideas & How They Form The Foundation For A More Friendly Universe - June 8, 2024  - 2 to 6 PST - with Ragini Michaels on Zoom


  • In the future, you will be privy to any upgrades or additions to this training for free. You are also welcome to audit this course as many times as you wish for a reduced fee when it is offered in the future. 

"The Enneagram Of Paradox Showed Me How To Carve Out A Life That Is Truly Nurturing For Both Me & My Life Partner."

Maureen Nolan, Enneagram 8

"The Enneagram Of Paradox gave me a new way of managing my heart-breaking dilemma of being a full-time caregiver to my 41 year partner while also attending to my own emotional needs and desire for some semblance of control in my life.  I am truly grateful."

YES! I Want To Learn How To Deepen & Accelerate My Transformation.

Learn How The New ENNEAGRAM OF PARADOX Supports Your Evolving Transformation In Awareness, Mindfulness, Presence, & Happiness In Daily Life

"I Felt Confident In The Teachers' Depth & Dedication To Everyone In The Class"

Pam Garland - Enneagram

"It was important to me that the material felt deep ... and practical! The metaphors were very helpful and I realized it wasn't over my head, and I could reach out if that happened. Just the right amount of group exercises that were really useful to me. I understood where the course was headed and excited to continue learning more."

Your Guides

Well, that’s us - Ragini Elizabeth Michaels & Robin Cameron. 

I started studying the Enneagram in 1995,  I began with Dr. Andrew Hahn (founder of Life Centered Therapy), and Dr. Judith Swack (Founder of Healing From The Body Level Up - HBLU)I was also highly influenced by A.H. Almaas and the Diamond Work. 

In 1977, I studied with the co-founders of NLP (Bandler & Grinder) as well as Robert Dilts. I have taught certification training around the globe for NLP Practitioners & Master Practitioners, Erickson-Style Hypnosis, and my original Paradox Management, receiving international acclaim as a master trainer and practitioner of all.

For many years, I ran a private vocational school for NLP and Ericksonian-Style Hypnosis. I worked throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as teaching globally throughout Europe & India.

From 2000 to 2010, I began a serious exploration of how to partner NLP, the Enneagram, and my original model of Mystic Psychology for a more elegant and speedy transformation. Through the graciousness of many adventurous students, The Enneagram of Paradox came into being and was subsequently tested for its value and efficacy. 

Combining the perspectives of NLP with the wisdom of the Enneagram proved them to be powerful and invaluable partners - especially when joined by the practical wisdom so evident in Mystic Psychology.

The Enneagram of Paradox offers guidance for how to understand, digest, & navigate the reality of our paradoxical identities - being both human and divine simultaneously.

This course offers tools & perspectives to support the evolution of the personality by creating easier access to the power, love, & wisdom that emerge with the soul's desire for mindfulness, awareness, and presence.

I have also penned 5 books on the psychology of paradox, the most recognized one being Unflappable: 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, Peaceful No Matter What. This book shares the foundation of all the programs offered under my Soulful Business Success system.  


I learned the Enneagram from Father Richard Rohr in the 1980s and have been studying and teaching the Enneagram for over 35 years. Trained and certified in the Narrative Enneagram, it was Dr. David Daniels who introduced me to the Law of Three. This refers to three equal life forces in operation, mostly outside our awareness. One affirming, one denying, and a reconciling third force that brings something new into the material form from the reconciling of opposites.  

And that is what the Enneagram of Paradox offers - a specific and transforming way to bring the dance among these three forces into our daily lives.

Later I studied the work of Fr. Richard Rohr and my wisdom schoolteacher and friend, Cynthia Bourgeault on “The Holy Spirit and the Law of 3.” To say that had a profound effect on me would be an understatement.  

Afterward, I heard myself proclaiming, “I want to dedicate the rest of my life to understanding what this means at a deep and transformational level.” To this day, I believe that is the bottom line. How do we come to terms with “What is” and live in inner peace with ourselves and with others, along with the ability to carry light into a sometimes very dark world?

I then began studying with Ragini and became a Certified NLP Coach & Paradox Management Consultant. We then went on to collaborate and create the curriculum for this course.

I have been using the Enneagram with Sedona Soul Adventures for many years, as well as with the Narrative Enneagram & in my work as a spiritual director. I am also a member of Spiritual Directors International. And I run monthly Enneagram study groups & workshops.

"The Gift Of The Enneagram of Paradox Is That It Will Continue To Unfold & Give Me So Many Benefits For The Rest Of My Life."

Karen Poidevin- Enneagram 1

"The practices of dealing with the unresolvable dilemmas in everyday life promise to bring a sense of equanimity so I can stand calmly in the midst of it all. Every aspect holds an invitation to live a whole-hearted life. I found nothing that needed to be improved."

Here Is Your Opportunity To Transform The Way You Perceive The Undeniable Solidity Of Your Personality's Story So That It Can Miraculously Live In Paradoxical Harmony With Your Soul's Quest For Truth

The Enneagram Of Paradox Shows You How To Bridge The Personality's Solid & Unchanging Core Story & Your Soul's Ever Unfolding Search For Truth Resulting In Greater Harmony, Peace Of Mind, & Happiness In Daily Life

 Stop Trying So Hard & Join Us Today.  

Become A Founding Member Of The Enneagram of Paradox Pioneers & Expand Your Resilience, Presence, & Happiness In Daily Life.

Your Investment

You may invest in this special paradoxical journey with one full payment, choose the 3 payment option listed below, or use Coupon Code IMAGINATIONRULES and save $500, making your full investment only $1495.

Allow The Enneagram Of Paradox To Help You Bridge The Gap Between The Personality's Story & Your Desire To Live A More Present, Truthful, Mindful, & Resilient Life

Dive Into The Outer World Accompanied By A New Found Inner Harmony